Denis Roy

Sensei Denis has been practicing martial arts for over 30 years

He was influenced by his father who taught and participated in several international karate tournaments, including one in New York, which was won by the famous Chuck Norris. Later, he discovered boxing, muay-thai, judo, kick-boxing and finally Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. BJJ was the one for whom he developed a real passion. During his first classes in 2002, his training partners were Georges St-Pierre and Luciano Ucci.

In 2006, he began to teach the art of grappling

In 2010, Denis joined an academy of the Gracie family where he taught for a few years. Until 2018, he trained in New York with a BJJ legend, Marcelo Garcia.

Denis is known for his high level technique and to surpass his opponent, he favors the fluidity of the movement rather than his physical strength.

Sensei Denis is Head Instructor at Element BJJ Academy & 2nd degree Brown Belt


Steve Dauphinais

From an early age, Steve was influenced by the films of Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme. At age 12, he began his search for a karate school and started full contact Karate, Kyokushin Kay. He got his black belt at age 22 and then decided to practice other fighting styles.

A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter defeated all other styles in the UFC in the 90's and Steve started to practice this martial art soon after that. Having started Brazilian NoGi Jiu-Jitsu in 2007, he first developed a style based on flexibility and dexterity. 


Steve has over 20 years of practice and nearly 15 years of teaching experience in martial arts. His passion has always been to teach, as he has the ability to quickly understand what a student can improve, based on their physical attributes. He targets the needs of his students and he's always open minded for new techniques.

Steve is Instructor at Element BJJ Academy & 3rd degree Purple Belt

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Kim Lefebvre

Kim was one of our first students to show the guy that if they did not care about her abilities, she would probably dominate the fight. A pioneer for our female team and always available to help.

We have been considering her as a friend and future star in our sport. Kim suffered a concussion and a knee injury in 2017, followed by an operation, all caused by basketball.

Today, she continues her way here, with the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and her goal is clear... take the time it takes to reach the famous black belt!

Kim is Instructor for Kids at the Academy & 4th degree White Belt